Cancellation and Refunds


  1. Any order placed maybe cancelled within 3 hrs from placing of the order. The cancellation must be intimated by mail informing the order number and payment method.

  • If the consignment has already been shipped no cancellation will be accepted.

  • No cancellations are accepted for custom made orders


  1. Returns can be made only if the consignment received is not as per the order.

The intention to return should be mailed to us with the order no, the reason for returning, the image of the consignment received. On being checked at our end we would mail you the address to which the consignment should be sent. On receipt of the consignment and verification at our end, the refund process would be initiated.

For the value of consignment under Rs 2000, a voucher would be issued which could be used for the next purchase.

  • Where the consignment received is in damaged condition do not accept the consignment. Please send us an image of the damaged consignment received by mail with your order no. Pl mention on the consignment received in damaged condition hence not accepted.

  • No returns would be accepted for custom made consignments unless received in damaged condition.


  1. In case the returns are accepted for a value Of Rs 2000 and below credit, a voucher would be issued which could be used for your future purchases.

  • In cases where returns are accepted and the value is above Rs 2000 please mail us the order number, payment method, and preferred mode of refund. The refund would be arranged in 10 days from receipt of your mail

  • No refunds will be made in case of custom-made orders. Cancellation, Returns, and Refunds would be decided on a case to case basis on verification and acceptance by us
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